Waves V9 Mac not supported?

Waves redid their website, interesting that they don’t list Wavelab for Mac as a supported host.

I wonder if it’s an oversight since Wavelab is still fairly new to Mac, or if it’s just not supported. My experience with Waves (and other 3rd party plug-ins) in Wavelab for Mac has been fairly buggy in the GUI department.

Waves V8 is supported for WL7.


This is Waves reply regarding W9 and Wavelab 8:

Unfortunately the answer is currently no, we had some critical issues with WaveLab 8.
We hope we will be able to resolve the issues soon.

Random crashes caused I think by graphic threads.

If you need further assistance feel free to contact us or visit http://www.waves.com/support

Best Regards.

Strange, I am not aware of this. I have beta testers using them all time on mac.

I just thought I’d mention it as it could be helpful for Steinberg/PG to communicate directly with Waves about this issues.

I will write Waves about this.

Thanks, it appears that Waves v9 isn’t supported for Wavelab 8 on Windows or Mac.