Waves v9 UI flashing in Cubase Pro 10.5

Waves 9 plugins seem to be incompatible with Cubase Pro 10.5 in some way. The plugins work, but their UI will either be blank, or flashing between black and the correct UI.

I’m on Mac Sierra, the most recent Cubase Pro 10.5.5 update, and using waves 9.6. Everyone else I know using waves with cubase 10.5 is having this same issue, so doesn’t seem to be something specific to my configuration.


YEs the same here, MAC OSX 13.6 and Nuendo 10.5 Waves Plugins Flicker, but still work ok,
But Nuendo 8.5 works perfectly with the same Waves Plugins… very annoying, so i cant use nuendo 10.5 forced back to nuendo 8.