Waves V9r9 unstable under Win8, Elements

Hello, I’m well aware Win8 is not officially supported, and thank you again PG for the latest patch released, but just as a memo for new upcoming WL8, I wanted to report Waves V9r9 is not very stable under Elements 64/32 (and suppose WL). If you load a plug, then reset the Master Section, VST3 won’t load anymore till you quit and relaunch WL. No problem at all with VST2 instead. Thanks.

For the record, after installing latest Microsoft updates Elements behaviour improved, Waves VST3 V9r9 load even after resetting the Master Section, but Win8 itself started to crash now and then. I really start to believe Win8x64 is not ready yet, as some people stated here on the Forum.

So far I have hardly used Wavelab under Windows 8 for the reasons detailed below, but I have been running the OS since the consumer launch on a tablet PC and now for a few weeks on my new desktop and I find it fast and rock solid. In fact haven’t had a single crash or system hang, but that’s hardly surprising since it is basically Windows 7 (/Vista) with a makeover.

I am also a big fan of the new simple and clean metro interface for ‘aps’ and love the under the hood emphasis on keyboard shortcuts for serious computing. In my view it is an ideal combination that caters for all levels of users.