Waves VST preset name bug


I’ve just noticed that when when I re-open a project, my Waves vst’s display the default preset name, even if I’ve previously selected and saved with a different preset or setting.

The actual settings on the VST’s remain correct. I initially thought that everything had re-set and I’d ave to go back and tweak EVERYTHING! When it’s a C7 VST, it displays the last selected setting - which is a tad more reassuring that your settings have remained.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is not a huge issue (you just ignore it and look at the actual settings!), but it is a bit annoying.

Is your Cubase 64 bit And your Wave plugin 32 bit ? If so. It’s a VST bridge or JBridge problem.
I use waves x64 plugin with no problem in Cubase 7.51 x64.

Ok, they’re not meant to do that?

Mmm - I use C7.5 64bit - not sure about the VST’s.

One of the Waves VST’s that is doing are the compressors from the CLA collection - I don’t know what ‘bit’ they are. I just installed them via the waves installing thing - I don’t at any point I could select 64bit!

might need to have another look!

Oups you’re right Steinberg or waves (don’t remember) have fixed that in previous version but with the new waves 9.17 installer the bug came back !

Ah! Yeah, I’m using the latest Waves installer, so that’d be the reason then!