Waves .vst3 hanging at Mixconsole on Project Load

Hi Gang,

A friend emailed me a project. Upon loading it would hang at “MixConsole”. A check of the crash dump revealed that it was the WavesShell vst3 plugin. Called my friend to find out what tracks had Waves plugins on them. Reply; “None”. He had used a bit of L2 on the drum buss, but printed that and removed it. He was sure that he had sent me a project with no plugins what so ever. Sure enough, a pains taking check of all 42 tracks worth of Inserts and Sends proved no plugins of any kind. So I removed the WavsShell vst3 dll from the folder and the project loaded perfectly. Of course now my problem is no Waves plugins.

If you guys can cure my ignorance, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS. Both projects created on Win7 PCs, with Cubase 8.5.



Make sure, your Waves plug-ins are up-to-date.

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