Waves went small

Hi. I mistakenly pressed a key and all my waves went realy small, like the entire wave bar is not even 1/4 inch. How to I undo and get back to normal? I control Z’d several times but I cannot get the waves back to normal size. Help! Thanks


In the right-top corner of the Project window, there is the Waveform Zoom slider. Move it up, please.

Thanks Found it and it does make the wave bigger or smaller. Thanks, but my problem is the entire bar in which the wave is contained is what got real small, not just the wave itself. Thanks for your help!

hi, sure you have touched the clup gain, a square in the center of the event set it to 0Dbs and it should solve your problem


Is the waveform different or has the Volume really changed?

Volume is fine. All the bars that hold the waves are way reduced in size Music is ok. Someone said “sure you have thused the clup gain, set it to Odb”. I’m not sure he understands my problem. It’s just the size of the bars that hold the waves that got small after I pressed a key by mistake on the lower left hand size of the keyboard. Thanks


Did the track high change? Maybe a screenshot would help.