Waves "WLMplus plugin" download and activation of already purchased product

Hi, can someone please advise me how to download and activate an already purchased from another vendor such as the “Waves” plugin “WLMPLUS”? I have the activation code. -Asus ROG WIN10 / 22H2 / I7, 16GB RAM, Waves central downloaded and installed
Thank you very much

Hello Miroslav. Welcome to the Steinberg User Forum. :vulcan_salute:t2:

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question. Do you want to know how to activate your Waves plug-in? (See HERE.) Or how to use the plug-in in Nuendo? :person_shrugging:t2:

Hi Lukas, thank you for your early response - I bought and paid for the WLMPLUS plugin at Thomann.de, but I don't know how to download and activate the plugin. I have downloaded and installed Waves central, I am logged in to waves, I have an activation code from Thomann. PC-laptop Asus ROG, WIN10 / 22H2 / I7, 32GB RAM.
Thanks for your early response.
Miroslav Sur

st 30. 11. 2022 o 21:54 Lukas via Steinberg Forums <notifications@steinberg.discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

Hi Lukas,

today as soon as I read your reaction I tried to install the WLMplus meter again. Yesterday, when I was logged into Waves central, under Install products, respectively my products, I did not have the WLMplus plugin listed, so I could not install and activate it. But today it appeared there??? so there was no problem with installation and activation.

Thanks again for your support. Have a great day.


št 1. 12. 2022 o 10:25 Miroslav Šúr <miroslavsur5@gmail.com> napísal(a):

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Glad it worked and the plug-in is now activated. :+1:

Sometimes it takes a while for a purchased product to be activated. Normally, something like this should go within seconds in 2022. But since in your case the license was purchased from a reseller (Thomann), it can take a while until the activation is done.

May I ask why you bought WLM Plus Loudness Meter? Don’t you like Nuendo’s “SuperVision”? Or are you missing something?

Hello Lukas,

Regarding your question why I don’t use Super Vision in Nuendo, to tell the truth, I never noticed it, as I was always using the WLM meter. I looked at it a bit yesterday, it looks very good, but I don’t know if it also has True peak limiter / it has probably only True peak meter - or not ? /In WLM Plus plugin I can engage the TruePeak limiter, which will help to adjust the resulting output of audio.



št 1. 12. 2022 o 11:24 Lukas via Steinberg Forums <notifications@steinberg.discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

No. SuperVision is exclusively an analysis tool. So you would have to split your workflow. I can understand if you don’t want to do that.
Besides, it’s too late now anyway. Since you have already bought the plug-in. :smiley:

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your time. In any case, I will study Super Vision in detail and will use it in the future.


Miroslav Súr

pi 2. 12. 2022 o 19:43 Lukas via Steinberg Forums <notifications@steinberg.discoursemail.com> napísal(a):