WavesLicenceEngine is missing

a while ago I’ve installed a demo from waves, but as I didn’t liked it I deleted it. Now after connecting my Studio pc to the Internet after months of unistalling waves completely I am getting an error message launching cubase:
WavesLicenceEngine is missing. I could skip the message but it’s very irritaiting.

I’ve already installed waves central again and unistalled it again, but the message still comes up.

Thanks for any help.
Lars from germany

Follow - up
I’ve now managed to get rid of the error message by re-installing and unistalling waves central again and again. It seems that unistalling waves is not getting rid of many files automatically.
The only Problem still excists is that when opening cubase it keeps asking me for “Select Waves 9.7 SG Studio Modules Folder” in a Pop up which prevents Cubase to open. But Waves should be unistalled already???

solved by unistalling all c++ redistributable required for the waves plugin