WavesTune: A Serious Error

After the installation I selected it from the menu and this message is all I get:

"A serious error has occurred inside the plug-in ‘WavesTune Stereo’.
WaveLab could control it, but it would be best to save your work and restart WaveLab."

So what’s one to do?

Cheers and thanks


What version of plugin ?
OS ?
WL version ?

regards S-EH

Just downloaded the Wavestune. Can’t run it to see the exact version.
MAC 10.8.5
Latest WL 8.x

Hello, I think the problem is Tune uses Rewire, see picture.

Hi again and thanks for the replies.

From the manual:
"Tune operates in perfect sync with the host timeline. It even takes charge of transport functions and region playback in host applications using ReWire technology by Propellerhead Software."

Please note!
• When using ProTools, a Waves ReWire plug-in must be inserted in order to work
in sync with the host transport and timeline.

manual is here:

It says nothing about Cubase, wavelab, for a ReWire plug-in.

Is there an error file that WL generates somewhere for more detailed info?

Ok so at the Wavestune website from Waves it doesn’t list Wavelab as a supported host.

That, I suppose, answers my question.