Wavetable "Loop Until Release" manual explanation is baffling

Halion 7 manual p. 148

The instructions here don’t make any sense. What actually happens is …

With a sufficiently long release envelope and one of the loop modes (Loop or Alt) set …

If the button is deactivated, when the player releases the key the wavetable continues to loop until the amp release envelope completes.

If the button is activated, the wavetable continues to loop until the player releases the key at which point the oscillator completes the current loop and then stop playing.

I.e. activating this button disables the amp envelope release.

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Thanks again for your thorough reports. I forwarded this and the other post of yours to our technical writer to have a look :+1:

So I got a reply. Seems like the manual is right after all, but the double negation makes it harder than necessary (in other words… baffling).

The second scenario should be something like: If the the button is deactivated, it will play the loop and keep playing it in until the end of the release phase. My writer colleagues will make more sense of it.

The amp envelope stays active in any case, as the wave table envelope and the amp envelope are separate.
BUT, the sound will stop if “Hold Last Spectrum” is not active and the wavetable end is reached, after release, before the amp envelope has finished.
In other words, if the Oscillator stop generating waveforms, the VCA has nothing to process.

I hope this makes it a little bit clearer and thanks again for reporting your findings.