Wavetable Noise Osc Type Menu Help (Solved)

I’ve just recently started designing my own Macro Pages, so I’m fairly new to this.
I’ve experienced some difficulty trying to get a menu on my macro page to connect to the desired parameter.
What I’d like to do is create a menu that connects to the Noise Osc Type Menu in the Wavetable. I can’t right-click on the parameter in HALion and the parameter also doesn’t show up in the Paramslist. I found the function working correctly in HALion’s Anima patches. I tried copying exactly what Anima was doing but it still doesn’t work correctly in my macro page. Looking through how Anima has it setup, I’m not seeing how when applied to my Macro page it could be any different.

(I’ll be happy to provide any extra clarification if needed.)


Hi rmjmusic,

For this menu you need to use the wavetable noise selector template.


Once the template “Scope” and “Product” is set correctly it should open a preset browser.
You can adapt the template graphically and it also works with user noise samples.

PS: If you think the template is set up correctly but the preset menu doesn’t pop up, save the program preset and reload the same program.

This happened to me on several occasions. Template that looks like it doesn’t work at first suddenly starts working after the program is re-loaded.

Hi Misohoza,

Thanks so much for your reply. I didn’t see this when I was looking through the guide. This worked!