Wavetable Scope - Bugs (?) and Troubles

The “Play Data” field of the wavetable view control does not take any scope from higher UI hierarchy levels into account. It also does not accept inputs from script variables, even if the field allows the selection of a variable. It only accepts direct path definitions.

So if I have different wavetable layers and want to select between them, I have to directly set up the view for every layer manually by now. But I think this doesn’t go along with the principal Halion design concept. The sample view control for example works alright with scope and/or ariable definitions.

Is this by design (and if so - why?) or is this a (known?) bug?

I’m intensively working with Halion UI scripting and frequently found situations, where the scope concept is not consequently implemented. In most situations I can work around with path constructions via script variables, but this doesn’t work with wavetable views.

The attached demo program shows 3 situations at the same time:

  • 1st wt view with direct path definition. This is the only visible one.
  • 2nd wt view with the same path definition via a script parameter. Invisible.
  • 3rd wt view with the same path definition, only splitted via group scope. Invisible.
    - wt view bug -.zip (82.7 KB)

Good catch. I’m finding issues with the wavetable data as well. Hopefully this can get fixed.