Wavform colors

Hey gang … making the transistion from SADIE to WavLab. I’m gonna’ have some basic questions over the next few days so get used to seeing me.

SO… I have a few templates set up for rendered files to open into. These templates have custom color schemes for the audio files and audio montage’s they create. I tested the templates schemes by inserting audio files into them and seeing my schemes correctly followed. NOW … after I render a file and then I select a template for the rendered file to open into, the audio file/montage does not follow the custom color scheme I had saved in the template.

What am I doing wrong ??? Thanks for the help.


Not sure I get your point. The color systems for clips in the audio montage and the audio editor are independent. Don’t expect a colored clip to be rendered as an audio file with the same color.
Well, it you use advanced features such as the following, you could get different colors for audio files. But this would be a tedious task, I must say.