Wavlab 10 killes audio in windows

N.B. there’s no need for low latency when using WaveLab, however I understand from the above that the Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver will give access to e.g. a laptop sound chip with no ASIO driver of its own (I don’t have the Gen. ASIO installed as I don’t need it).

I notice that SpectraLayers allows using the modern Windows WASAPI driver, which is kind of the replacement for MME, so perhaps WaveLab will go that direction as well?

Hello, problems with my built in audio card have worn me, no way to make Elements10 work as I used to do with 9.5.5…can’t switch between 44.1 and/or 48K. I tried every possible solution, hope for some fix to put things togrther - win10. Sorry

can’t switch between 44.1 and/or 48K

Did you try the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver?
When you open its control panel, the top box but be checked (Exclusive Access) to permit the audio host to change the sample rate.

PG yes, I tried many times, if I load files with different sample rates I have to disable the audio input to riproduce them and yes I tried to switch the command you kindly suggested on and off with no succes. I’m currently back on 9.5.50 and everything works fine. Thanks for your patience, I’m waiting for the update!

How can a company like Steinberg suggest the use of an app like Voicemeeter to solve problems consequent to MME drivers dropping on Windows?
Not the easiest way to make Elements 10.0.10 work, what a mind job… :confused: