Wavlab 12. Song plays too fast

song was recorded and mixed in Nuendo Pro 13 at 48khz.

Took mixdown wave files and dragged them into Wavelab 12.

Enabled track external effect to a TC Music 6000.

When I play the audio, its faster than the original mixes by alot.

Im using RME HD madifx cards set to 48khz from the master clock.

All devices, RME cards, TC M6k, wavelab, A/D are all synced to master clock.

Any idea?


Mac or PC?
Somehow it sound like digital clocking issue missmatch
48 kHz up or down, check audio device settings, RME control panel e.t.c
sure someone else have an idea here…

regards S-EH

Windows 11 PC

64 cores, 128GB DDR5 RAM
4080 GPU

CPU and RAM are overkill and CPU runs at 1% with RAM running at 3 % even for large 100+ track in Nuendo 13. Nuendo is a non issue.

Wavelab 12 running on same machine.

The studio master clock sets the sample rate to these devises and running at 48kHz and verified.

TC Music 6000 - Locked
RME HDSPe MadiFX x 2 - Locked
Euphonix FC-726 56 channel digital IO over Madi to a super core - Locked

Nuendo 13
WaveLab Pro 12
HaLion 7
Groove Agent 5

In Wavelab, in the Audio Montage Properties, bottom right, I set the sample rate to 48kHz

I’m not using resampling

If you play the files with your internet browser, does it play at the right speed?

If you just load a 48 kHz file or 44.1 kHz and playback with
audio device only does it follow sample rate 48 or 44,1 kHz in WaveLab?

regards S-EH

No, the songs are way too fast. Even on other workstations

Try playback with built-in audio device wav with 44.1, 48, 88 kHz e.t.c
if that sounds ok, then the problem have to be elsewhere…
even check in Transport panel maybe Playback is activated…

regards S-EH

So does the track you dragged into WL play at the correct speed in the Nuendo session that it was created from?

To clarify … as I also run Nuendo … if you close the file in the Nuendo session … then close Nuendo … then relaunch it and drag the file in … does it play correctly.

What I am thinking is that in the initial render process they might have been a corruption in the wav header.