Wavlab 7 doesnt open on Win10

Fresh copy of win10 on a new ssd drive. Wavlab 7 is installed but doesnt work.
tried all kind of trouble shooting and reinstallations.
Wavlab just dont work

help please :question:

have you tried deleting the preferences? backup the prefs first if you have presets or layouts etc you want to save.

wavelab 7 works ok on Win 10 here. but I was a Win 7 upgrade.

Its a fresh OS on a fresh drive. What pref?

The Wavelab prefs. It’s what’s usually prescribed for solving big problems. The following is for Cubase and Nuendo, but it’s the same process for Wavelab. Under “Initializing Preferences”:
I have multiple Wavelab prefs folders in there, one for each version of Wavelab I have installed. Initialize the Wavelab 7 folder in there.

Hey Bob.

Again. this is a fresh, new born OS. there is only “startup” file there. I change the name of the folder - but again the Wavlab NEVER worked under the win10.
I even trashed it on the “windows.old”.

The WaveLab 7 Compatibility Patch for Win 8 64-bit on the page below fixes the problem here on a new install on Win 10 to a computer that never had Wavelab 7. That works here, after I reproduced your problem on a separate install.


The latest 7.2.1 installer and Compatibility Patch “should” fix the problem. it does here.

Solved by installing the patch of Win 8.

Thnx a lot Bob

I can’t import audio tracks from a CD (Utility - Import audio tracks from CD) in WaveLab 7 64 bit.
Hp Envy i7 , Windows 10 64 bit.
Can someone help me ? Thanks in advance

Does Wavelab see the CD drive (does your cd drive appear in the “source” pulldown in the cd import dialog)? Are there error messages? Can you describe what happens when you try to import a cd?