wavlab audio montage - easy name feature from le version bug


in my big wavelab version 8 i can easily name a region if i double klick in the area at a special point - that safe me so much time when i have to name multiple regions and then render that region with that names. super feature ! Super fast !

now my problem:

when i import a project from my friend who has only the 8 LE Version then i cant use this feature - its locked … i can only use this feature when i create a new montage … but i have the Full Version and i want to be able to do what ever i want… so i think thats a bug. makes no sense to me…

here i recorded a video that shows that fast naming process …


here you can load a project from my friend which was created with an 8 le version. try to do the same like me in the video in the full version of wavelab…



The montage is not meant to be fully compatible between wavelab and elements and le, because of different feature sets.

haha, joke right ? you are wright when a LE user opens my montage from my big version… but when i open it with the biggest version of wavelab then it MUST work at my BIG Version …
then they should not name the LE version “wavelab” … maybe sell it as kiddy lab … and mention “not compatible with the 500 euro version” … embarrassing … oh man

maybe you have not really understand what i wanted to describe… if a LE user send me an empty project and i open that empty project in my Big version of Wavelab. then i cant use my usually workflow because i opened an empty LE Project ?!?