Wavleab 11.2 activation disaster

I downloaded and installed Wavelab 11.2.

My activation manager does not show Wavelab.

I can’t open the eLicenser control center (it stops at “reading elicensers”).

When i try to open Wavelab it says " check for messages in Activation manager".

There are no messages in activation manager .

Did you try rebooting your computer?

Yes, several times.

Contact Steinberg’s official support, I think they know how to deal with this kind of issue.

I have already started a request for help,

The problem is that Steinberg can be slow to get back with an answer and has sometimes been vague in explaining the methodology for fixing certain issues that I’ve had in the past.

I was hoping to find an easy fix that I could perfom myself so that i didn’t have to wait.

I am reading this as you have the eLicenser dongle plugged in.

Try quitting all apps. Unplug the eLicenser. Reboot the computer. Do not plug the eLicenser back in.

See if WL launches.

No, that didn’t work.

Which version do you own?
Do you have a licence for WL 11 on the eLicenser?

I also downloaded and installed Wavelab 11.2 I Dhve it on my elicenser.

Which version is your licence?
WL11.2 is Steinberg licensing only. No eLicenser supported any more.
So you need to update it to Steinberg Licensing first.
When do you register your WL11 the first time?


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What I think is happening is that my licenser was activated on an email account I no longer have. Not sure how to get arond this. I guess i need to wait for Steinberg support to get back to me.

I spoke to tech support and they helped me transfer it.

It was weird that someone else seems to own my eLicenser.

I have a similar problem and have been waiting for support to respond to my request for 2 weeks.

I had to cll them early in the morning. They wouldn’t transfer the dongle to my account and wouldn’t tell me who the listed owner is but they did transfer Wavelab to the new system.