Wavleab 12 Pro plugin check

It takes a longer time than i would like to open Wavelab 12 Pro because of the plug-in check. Is there a way I can eleminate the plug-in check on launching Wavleab?

This is only long the 1st time you launch WaveLab.

It’s not nearly as long as the first time I opened the program but still longer than it was with Wavelab 11.

Then why do you say it’s the plugin check?

Each time I open Wavelab, after checking licenses it says “checking plugins” and there is a percentage bar that i see as this happens. The entire process takes about 45 seconds.

There seems to be something unusual with your system. Let me explain. WaveLab checks the timestamp of each plugin and stores it in a cache file. The next time WaveLab is launched, it only checks plugins with modified timestamps (as an indicator that the plugin was modified).
What could cause this?

You could try a full reset. This will cause a full and clean rescan the next time you launch WaveLab.

Do you know how many plugins you have? (approximately)