Wavpack lossses wav compression support

One of My NAS’s recently started running low on space, 9TB of old projects and clients backups… all various sample rates, and different bit depths…16bit to 32bit, so ive been looking into saving some space compressing them, it took a couple of weeks to complete, but using wavpack i have all of the audio of my archived sessions compressed 60-70%, and should I need one of them back its only a few extra minutes to decompress.

Id like to see this functionality built into Cubase, to easily convert to/from wavpack. and upon converting back checking the md5 to ensure its identical to the source.


doing this saved my over 4TB of space, meaning i didn’t need to buy another NAS.

There are other methods of compression winrar/7zip but they compress nowhere near as much as wavpack…
FLAC is great but i dont think it supports 32bit files
Also when I tested in cubase converting a wav to flac and back to wav, the MD5 of the file didn’t match afterwards

Winzip has support for wavpack compression in the latest versions of winzip… I just dont like winzip.

Anyway hopefully it can be implemented!