Wavy line as repeat indicator

I’m trying to indicate an improvised response in a percussion part. Here it is in the full score:
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.48.39 am

and here is how it looks in the part:

I’m hoping to have the part reflect the full score (cramped bars due to removing rests). Also open to suggestions!

Many thanks!

Hide the rests instead of removing them to prevent the part from collapsing like that.

Thanks for the suggestion. How do you hide a rest?

Write Mode > Select rest > Edit > Remove Rests

No, removing them is what ruins the spacing.

You can scale them to 10% or less, or make them transparent so they don’t show.


Unfortunately this is what caused the problem …

Awesome, thank you. Strange that there is no ‘hide rest’ option. I imagine this to be a common thing…

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There’s a layout option to hide bar rests in empty bars and retain the spacing, but that affects all empty bars in the layout. You could, as of Dorico 4.3, also add a dummy whole note in those bars and hide those notes.


I suppose this is the new efficient workaround. I’m afraid the former (and more convoluted) workaround has been described soooo many times in the forum that it will take some time for the user base to make the shift :person_shrugging:
Note that suppressing playback for the hidden notehead is a very good idea!