way of transferring MIDI CC/Automation to Audio Track Automation and vice versa?

IS there a way to do this, select+copy+paste doesn’t work.

dragging from audio track automation to MIDI CC lane doesn’t seem to work in any which way - audio track to lower zone MIDI editor, audio track to MIDI ‘edit in place’ doesn’t work.

Just curious, thanks

You have to learn about midi and audio.
The different nature of these signals prevents what you intend to do.

Having read some of your questions I want to give you a piece of advice: Have a look at fundamental material about midi and audio in order to understand basics. The same holds true for foot pedals and the signals they usually send (which are neither audio nor midi in most cases…).
Please don’t get me wrong - this is not meant to offend you, but a serious advice comming from my heart :slight_smile:

HTH, Ernst

I know everything about MIDI and Audio, I’m wondering if there is an efficient protocol for say, copying volume automation on an audio track to a CC lane on a MIDI event to control a filter. It’s just data drawn with lines, sure the data resolution may differ, but it could still technically be transferable if such a feature was made - I’m asking if there is a way?