Way this is happened

I create Tow layouts below my full score 1 is ‘‘P1’’ The second is “P2” As you well see in the image
Now I select my score player from above Bar from Then I select “P1” after That it’s showing my score like this

This has happened because those text frames in the master page have all four sides (“constriants”) locked - if you open up the master page, select the frames, then in the panel on the left, deactivate the bottom lock in the arrangement of 4 locks.

What this does is fix the corresponding edge of the frame, but when that master page is then applied to a layout with a different page size than the one in which the initial editing was done, the mismatch can cause frames to appear beyond the margins.

You mean this from Full score ?

Yup. Did you mean for your layouts to have two different paper sizes? If not, that’s in Layout Options > Page Setup.

That should be it, yes - the default master pages have the bottom constraint unlocked. It’s only really an issue (having all 4 constraints locked) if you use the same master page in layouts with different page sizes set, I believe.

I want Full score with “P1” And “P2” To be all the same

Can you zip up your project and upload it here? It will probably be quicker to give you really precise advice.

Side question, If I make a change to frame How can I copy it to default master page ?

Writing in the wall.zip (415 KB)

Here you go - you were basically there, the only reason the first page of the P2 looked different was there were existing overrides on it. (red triangle marking in the panel on the right in Engrave mode.) I removed those, so now it matches. The rest of the differences (slightly different margins, music casting off etc) were due to different layout options between the full score vs the two parts: the score was A4 page size, the parts were Letter; they had different margins and staff sizes, etc. I made those all the same. I also set casting off in the parts to be 2 bars/system (like in the score) and set the systems/frame so they fit nice and evenly on the pages, with a frame break to balance out.

I also increased the music frame margins to 10, as spacing isn’t too tight here and it gives you a bit more space between the copyright at the bottom/flow title at the top and the top/bottom music staves.

Writing in the wall_LH.dorico.zip (428 KB)
Also, are you using Dorico 3.5? There was a 3.5.10 update that is free for 3.5 users, you might want to update your copy as there were some useful additions and fixes in there.

Lastly, I believe the correct title for this song is “Writing’s On The Wall”.

You can download the 3.5.10 update from here.

Can You Please Help with this ?

You can’t “promote” page overrides into master pages, I’m afraid.

I think this well be a good feature