Way to jump immediately from a MIDI track to its audio out?

For me, one of the biggest workflow time wasters is this: I’m on a certain MIDI track, and I want to add an insert or change the audio out from stereo out to an FX bus. But I have to navigate around in the MixConsole and try to find the audio output that the MIDI track is routing to. Is there some quick way to just jump right to a MIDI track’s corresponding output track? If not, I feel like there should be.

On my track inspector somewhere at the bottom I have an E button and a Keyboard icon button, first takes me to the mixer channel window and the 2nd is to the VSTi itself. But the E button has problems with multiple output instruments… And I always use Track VSTi’s not Rack, maybe that’s different.


Ah yes, I’m talking about MIDI tracks tied to rack instruments.

I don’t see that this would be possible, because when you solo a MIDI track, the whole VSTi in the rack has its VSTi Outputs soloed. Cubase has no way of knowing which output fits with which MIDI input.


No, I typed the wrong thing, I’m talking about rack instruments… Duh, I haven’t got my head around which is which, but the old style is what I mean. At the bottom of my midi track inspector is a tab with the name of the VSTi on it, and the two buttons I mentioned.

Even if you’ve got multiple outputs it can help because it takes the mixer view to the main output which may well still be next to the other outputs…

However, you can also move the VSTI outputs around in the project window, and quite often I move them so they’re below their respective midi track. This helps a lot because then you have an E button within easier reach.


This may be of interest on this subject.

Nope, Show Output Chain is pretty useful but you still have to choose the MIDI’s output audio track first. I suppose that makes sense though. Cubase can’t possibly know what you’ve chosen inside VE Pro/Kontakt as your output channel. Oh well!