Way to much cpu usage!


i just recieved Cubase Pro 8.5 today , switching from Cubase 7.

I have to say i am really really disappointed till now.

It already started by crashing 2 times at initializing the plugins for the first time, but well oke if it never happens again, no problem.

Then i opened an project which i was working on and found out the cpu usage is extremly high as apposed to Cubase 7.
It was stuttering because of it and this really makes it hard to continue my mix this way. It shouldn’t happen also if an older version can handle it easily right ?

I tried everything i could think of in the settings, but no change what so ever. I tried changing the buffer size which was already quit high, i checked for the settings for multi processing etc, and then i tried the “Audio Power Sheme option”. It did nothing to the cpu when looking at the vst performance thats already verry strange !

So at cubase 7 my cpu and vst performance was also already high, but not going over the max, no stuttering what so ever, then when i changed today the power sheme in cubase 7 it instantly droped about 30 procent. That looks like the power sheme is not working in 8.5 and besides that its also eating up more cpu without the power sheme.

Please someone tell me this is an setting somehow. If not this is really the last time i am supporting cubase, this is absolutely not acceptable.