Way to quickly change playback speed

I’d like to make a shortcut to quickly change playback speed, preferably right in the middle of playback.

When I’m playing back something, I let part of piece play that I’m already satisfied with but as it nears the part I recently inputted midi input, I’d like to have it slow down just to audition carefully in the interaction of that and other parts.

Ideally, like to set it with one key input. Like hit shortcut key once to slow, and then hit key again to resume normal tempo.

(I don’t know anything about writing scripts, btw, if that’s a way to do it)

It doesn’t take that long to set a temporary tempo with SHIFT + T and then set the tempo back when desired.

That’s true of everything Dorico does if you added one or more extra steps to whatever you do. It wouldn’t take much longer for each thing with an extra step or two.

I am afraid you sound as if you expect the Development Team to do your dirty work for you. All their work to save you one step each time? That’s asking a lot.

You can use Audio Scrubbing for this: Hold Alt + Space, and move the pointer over the music at your own speed.

Alternatively, turn off “Follow tempo” in the Transport bar. (Deselect the note duration next to the tempo, and set a value.) Tempi in the music will not be followed, but the whole thing will play back at the speed you set.

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Oh, I think that’s Dorico 5 which I haven’t bought yet. But thanks. Audio scrubbing that is.

Just beware that even with fixed tempo mode you can’t change the speed while playing.

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