way to turn down a track with automation?

Hi, I have a track with a lot of automation on it and need to turn the whole track down a little, with the automation intact…can’t figure out how to do it :confused:
poring through the manual at the mo but can’t find it and wanna get on with this song…Aaarrgghh :laughing: :laughing:

any help out there please…Kevin

  • Go to the mixer
  • Find your main output track (e.g. ‘Stereo Out’)
  • Click the ‘W’ for Write Automation on the Stereo Out track
  • Play the track
  • Move the Stereo Out volume up or down
  • Now there should be a ‘Stereo Out’ track in your Project Window with the volume automation track open.

    Edit: Nevermind, I miss understood

What if you right click on the automation track, select all events and then move them down a little?

Hi, I must be missing something, I did that and all that happened was it reduced the whole mix…a stereo out track never appeared with the volume automation open…

thanks for answering,…Kevin

If i right click on the volume tab on the track header and select all then i am able to turn it down globally…
gotta be careful though because it also enables moving left to right…s’pose there i s away to stop it moving left to right but if I go down that route I end up spending more time figuring cubase out than doing music…

thanks for your help…wouldn’t have got to it with out your suggestions cause I’m daft with ‘‘puters’’…Kevin

If you select all the automation points, you can then change the volume numerically in the info line at the top of the screen (you may have to unhide the info line if it’s not currently visible). This is good for making accurate changes, and there is no risk of moving your automation from left to right.

Another way of achieving your aim would be to use the ‘trim’ automation mode. Probably best to look that up in the manual and post questions here if you have any problems.

One possibility would be to open your track’s channel settings and adjust the gain.

thanks guys…you’ve put me on the right track…really appreciate the help…Kevin

What is ‘automated’ on the track?

Also, it is pretty much global to most editing movements that if you hold ‘CTRL’ while moving events or whatever, the placement in time is not changed. Not sure if this help here.

Also, (maybe not helpful) depending on what it is you have in automation, you can highlight that and nudge it up there.

Or just send the track to a new Group track and adjust volume there.

Attach a VCA fader to the tracks and automate that, done.

I just open the automation track and drag a rubber band around the automation points, that allows you to mover them all up or down in context.

thanks everyone…seems there are so many ways to do it

best, Kevin