WCLK in and the UR824

Since this is the era of automation, is it possible to have Cubase poll the UR 824 and if it is in WCLK in mode then NOT change the settings and in fact adjust Cubase to match current master clock settings and speeds? I struggle with LIVE recording and video (48K) and I have had multiple instances where Speeds revert to 44.1K and clock to ADAT A IN, turning off 8 inputs to my Yamaha 01V96i mixer. The speed is easy to reset and there is a warning, but ADAT A in gives no warning and must be hunted down. Furthermore if the UR 824 is in WCLK IN mode, can you make a firmware update to have it SYNC to the master clock instead of needing to hook up a computer just to change clock speed? I am not always in the studio with plenty of spare time. Sometimes I get no sound check at all. The HPF is always reverting to 80Hz as well even if I set it to 40Hz. If Cubase can set the UR824 then it should have a way to read its status appropriately. I love the UR824 and I am set up to use both of its fx processors (in tandem with the 01V 4 fx) right back through the headphone out jacks to channels 13 to 16. It’s superb. I still have 6 monitor sends without to much difficulty and record 24 channels. It’s a great setup. I do the set up, video, recording, mix sound, and breakdown by myself. It is hard to have a great day every day. Anything you can do to help with live setup would be appreciated. (I do preset Cubase (8.0) before going out so that is ready.)

i have alsow ur 824
same problom, The HPF is always reverting to 80Hz as well even if I set it to 40Hz