WDM Asio Link Driver

Hi All,

I have successfully managed to connect WDM windows audio streams to ASIO input or output streams with the use of my new driver at midithru.net.

When I first started playing around with ASIO one of my major hurdles was listening to windows audio while having the awesome latency of ASIO. When I couldn’t find an easy solution I made one myself.

I hope you like it!

John Shield

Hello. I am happy I found somebody using the Asio Link Pro driver.
I want to use the network functionality to send audio streams between two computers/ 2 Cubase.
I want to set up system link with it if possible and moreover or even if this is not possible I want to configure external effects on my main pc in Cubase to be routed to another machine using a Cubase mixer there.

Did you manage the network capability of the Asio Link driver to work?
Everything works fine here except the network in Asio Link driver Pro.
I have it installed on two machines.