WDM Routing Problem

I have a surround speaker setup and use the MR816 as my soundcard. I set the WDM routing in the MR control panel to output “Analog 1/2”, because there is no proper surround option. In many cases, this setting works for surround. Many applications, such as WMP, recognize that the MR is actually a 6 channel output card, not just the 1/2 it lists in the control panel. Other applications, however, such as many software media/blu ray players, do not recognize the MR as a 6 channel output device and can only “see” the two channels. This is highly frustrating as it seems the MR’s compatibility as a WDM surround device is hit or miss, and in an arbitrary fashion. For example, Arcsoft TMT 3 recognizes all 6 channels, but the upgrade, Arcsoft TMT 5, only recognizes two.

It seems like the MR should have a better way of telling windows that it is, in fact, a surround device. Shouldn’t there be a setting in the MR control panel to route WDM audio to “Analog 1-6(5.1)” instead of just the “Analog 1/2” option, which actually means surround in most cases? I know that the MR WDM surround capability was added in one of the first software/firmware updates for the device, but the functionality doesn’t seem to be quite there.

Does anyone know a fix for this? Steinberg, any plans to fix this?