We Are In Need Of Simpler Means To Create And Produce Great Sounding Music

Should Cubase Focus More On Simplifying The Music Production And Mixing And Mastering Process?
I would Suggest that Steinberg Focus On Creating Easier Methods To Quickly Create A Beat Or Song…
Create simpler Methods To Get A Decent Mix And A Decent Master.
Simplicity Should Be A Concerned Focus… Improving The Media Bay Would Be A Great Place To Start Leaning Into That Direction.

But what does this mean specifically?

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AI Is Here, Smart EQ, Smart Compressors, Smart This, And Smart That, The Technology Is Here. Instantiate Smart Tech Into Cubase, Making It Simpler To Get Close To The Final Mix, Instrument Sounds, Or Master. Yes, It will still Take Knowledge Of The Various Tools needed To Finalize A Great Mix. Create An AI Jump Start To get Us Quicky To The Final Destination Within Our Creativity. Mastering The Mix Is A Prime Example Of The Concept That I Am Speaking Of. Mix room VST,
Bass room VST, Reso VST, Etc.

Ah! Makes perfect sense.