We are live on CD Baby! Woot!


Crossing my fingers. Only 3 more days until Christmas to make a cool million so that Dylan, Sav, and George (not a member…played drums) and I can buy houses. :laughing:


Buy lots of houses brother – lots. Good luck !!!

Wow. That has come a long way since your first version in the MWC forum. Nice work; I really like the vocals.

Well, let me give credit where credit is due:

Tom (Woodcrest Studios) - gave me a 30m primer on the phone on how to record a live drumkit (in conjunction with the PDF that someone posted in here about Glyn John’s technique).

Dylan (Sir_Dancelot) - did the vocals, did the mixing and what I’m calling mastering. He is a genius, or at least he knows how to use his Waves plug-in. :laughing: In all seriousness, he did the majority of the EQ fixing and added his own pop-influenced touches to the piece.

Sav (sav) - did the rhythm guitars. My original rhythm tracks were used to add density to his at certain points of the song.

George (not a member) - recommended by another good friend of mine, George came over on a moment’s notice, setup his kit, and recorded 4 pretty good takes after only listening to the song a few times in his car during the previous 2 days.

So this was far from a solo effort. In fact, if it weren’t for the encouragement of all of the people here, who I respect immensely, and the efforts of these gentlemen it would still be joke a humorous tune to distribute to my friends and family for the holiday.

Tom (Northwood Studios)

Sure you don’t mean Woodcrest Studios?

If it is Northwood, sure you don’t mean Robin?

took a listen over at cd baby, sounds good. congrats to all involved.

Thanks for the correction. Too many studios represented here. :laughing: It was 100% Tom, so I corrected the studio name.