We Have Sound From Everything Except Audio Tracks

We have a very strange issue here. The computer has been off since November of 2021 and everything worked perfectly then.

Now, we have a situation where Audio tracks are not passing sound.

We have 2 projects that we are working with. They both have Virtual Instruments and WAV files within Audio Tracks.

When we press play, we can only hear the Virtual Instrument tracks and not the Audio tracks. We haven’t changed anything in the projects since we last opened them in November of 2021. We just simply open them and hit play and only hear the Virtual Instrument tracks that are being played by MIDI tracks.

If we create a new project and drop a WAV file in the system, no sound comes out when we press Play, even though we see the waveform on the new Audio track that the system created. But, we can hear the files in the Media Bay when we click on them within the same project.

We have Control Room disabled. We’ve never needed it before.

This is Cubase Pro 10.5.20 on a Windows 10 Pro system.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can send our way.


Try to press the Unmute all Mute States button, please.

Make sure you are not using any plug-in in the Trial/Demo mode, please.

We need more information.
Can you provide some screenshots?
Mixer with routing and audio playing would help.

Thanks for the responses.

We trashed the preferences, restarted the computer, and everything works normally now.

Thanks again.