We Like Dope

Haven’t posted for a while. Here’s one I’ve been working on.

Excellent as always. Here’s a weird suggestion… how about singing in a peculiar way -like Arctic Monkeys way of singing- rather than the traditional “rock” way that you sing, I like your singing but it’s calming whereas you music is very offbeat and strange -in a nice way- but this way, you would add more comedy to the singing. I don’t know… just something off the top of my mind. Forgive me if my suggestion is rude in anyway to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. I’m not familiar with the Artic Monkeys but will check them out. Pretty much everyone tells me that they like my live singing vs recorded singing because I sing harder and get a bit more rude.

Ooh, nice, such exquisite guitar tones! Also, the drums to me are perfect. Laid back and funky. To me, your singing is great for this song; it certainly sounds like you are on dope. You have a sound of your own when you sing.

absolutely delightful. I do agree with Early21 , the voice fits perfectly.

Once again, thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.