We need a Media Bay Track...or button on the sampler track!

Peoples, we need a Media Bay track!

This is how it would work:

You create a Media Bay track.

It acts like a VST instrument. So you can define a midi input and channel.

Then, if you play on your midi controller, it will trigger whatever sample is selected in the Media Bay. And if you play higher or lower on your keyboard, the pitch of the sample will track.

OR! …you would also have the option to change the pitch but keep the duration the same (so pitch and timestretch).

AND!!!..you can put insert FX on the Media Bay track.

So this would be an amazing tool for finding new sounds…set up some of your favourite FX, then browse through your sample library, trying out different samples. As you select a new sample in the Media Bay, it’s immediately under your finger on your midi controller. And once you’re happy, you’d have the option to import the sample to a sampler track, either with or without the insert FX burnt in the WAV, or alternatively the FX moved to the inserts of the sampler track.

This would be fantastic!

A variation on this idea would be to have a “Media Bay” button on the sampler track. When activated, it would give the same behaviour as above, but with the added advantage of giving you access to the envelopes and filters in on the sampler track. So actually it would just act as a way to live swap samples in the sampler track, and once you’re happy you just press import and it’s official. Although before you pressed “import” you already had the full features of the sampler.


Could this be as easy as adding a setting to auto load the selected MediaBay sample into the Sampler Track or is this over-simplifying it?

You can just open the mediabay by either pressing F5 or using the right panel and drag and drop the samples you want to use into a sampler track, no?

Sure you can, but that’s less fun!

You’re right, perhaps i’m over-thinking it.

The reason why a “Media Bay” button in the sampler might be a good idea is that otherwise, how does the Media Bay know you want to autoload a sample, or do something else (if the sampler just happens to be open)?

Hi Jazzius,

I was just thinking that there could be a toggle button in MediaBay that determines this behavior. Either way, I like your idea of being able to quickly audition samples at different pitches. I think this would be a nice addition to Cubase.