We need a modern vs classic GUI Option

As many have noticed the GUI is really tough on C13 and N13. It’s aggresive, bright and very tough to work with. I have no idea what channel is selected half the time now and the channel editor just looks like a messy excel sheet with max borders.

I get some people may like the new UI. Generally speaking some DAW’s let you switch between older UI’s. Make’s everyone happy. The existing users can keep the old GUI and get back to work with the new toy’s while the few users that want something brighter can do the new look.

We need this in Nuendo. The 12 look was nice and easy and I had zero problems with long 12+ hour sessions.

Let’s make this happen Steinberg, please.


Yeah… every time I solo a channel I think to myself "Did like the son of Steinberg’s owner or something design these buttons and colors? There really was no one in the entire thing to say “I’m sorry, but this doesn’t look nice. Lets try something less cheap-looking and agressive?”???


I think there is alsmost nobody who welcomes the new GUI. A lot of critisim is out there in Cubase Forum and in Nuendo Forum as well. And I don’t see any need for switching…The look and feel of 12 was good and there was no need for a change just for the sake of it. So in my opinion Steinberg would rather need a decent GUI designer team with clear guidlines. Because it’s probably one thing which is not handed well within the company. The uglyness (it’s subjective, I know) , visibility AND accessibility issues (bold fonts, blurry fonts, microscopic fonts, non-vectorized graphics, non scalable GUI, hight contrast issues and so on…) and inconsistency in Design in Steinberg Products (Cubendo and Groove Agent and Halion) is going on for ages…Go and look up “hard on eyes” in Steinberg forum. It’s a shame. Steinberg has to look into this.


After sitting with the new GUI unfortunately I must agree with all the critique. That white and lack of clear view of the selected track is pretty bad. Hopefully Steinberg will give us a hot fix on this soon.

If they would just allow us to set the color of the text and mute/solo buttons, it would be more than half way fixed.


I used to be an advocate for Nuendo for a very long time. My favorite version was 8.0, I had zero problems, it was extremely stable and very pleasant looking. I could easily convince any Pro Tools user back in the day that working with Nuendo would be such a pleasant experience. But now… wth?

The GUI would be THE reason to never advise Nuendo to anyone at all. I will not even show it to my clients, because most of them have eyes, and I don’t want to cause any injuries.

Jokes aside, please FIX this Steinberg, and shame on you


Well said.