We NEED a setting for contrast between white and black keys in the Key Editor

Edit long dense chords is sooooooo hard when there is hardly any difference between the white and the black keys. I just tried with completely black background and that makes the “black keys” just slightly brighter, and with a completely white background the “black keys” are slightly gray. WTF??? Why can’t there be just another little color picker for the black keys for those who like the black keys to be, you know … black?
I’d like to add that this color picker and the color handling in Cubase in general is the absolutely worst of those that has been tried. I don’t know where Steinberg got that from, but it can’t have costed much? Even the values are rotten if you check in some XML files. Long numbers not conforming to any standard RGB, CMYK, HSB or other known standard. I really hope for a better solution in Cubase 11.5 or at least in Cubase 12.


Here’s a test.
At first glance of this image, is the top note Ab or D#?.

Black on Black

Difficult isn’t it?.

Brighter black keys would be cool. It would look a bit Harpsichordish.

Harpsichord Keys

I think most users just increase vertical note size, until the note names appear on the note itself, instead on trelying on the grid itself like your workflow probably does. But if you would ask me: “Would this help me?”

Dunno, being a hobbyist using Cubase without making a living off it, it doesn’t affect me much. I usually just go by intervals and the note names for quick reference, at least for regular chords.

You probably’d like to have a better gradient or colour select option when setting the Key Editor colourization to scales, but I’m not sure of course.

It really looks like your display’s settings have been adjusted such that the difference between the darker and lighter shades is smaller.

On my system with editor background set to black


It’s still dark gray on black, isn’t it?
I’d like to be able to set it to either piano black/white, harpsichord white/black or synth vertigo pink/puke green. This color scheme adjustment is the equivalent of having the faders in the MixConsole with a throw of +/-1dB ? :laughing:

I’m not debating, I just pointed out something that exaggerates the badness of the contrast problem.

My editor background is also set to black.

But anyways, there could definitely be another setting to allow for the user to customise this colour scheme to their liking. :grin:

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I just noticed that the tempo editor is also quite hard to work with due to the lack of contrast. I would not want to be sight impaired while trying to use Cubase. :eyeglasses:

Maybe the devs live in a darkened windowless rooms, but for those of us who like to have lights on and windows, Cubase needs new settings for contrast.


Yeah! Steinberg should remove the light switches from all rooms where GUI designers sit and only connect the lights to a master switch turned on and off with the key in the door in the morning and afternoon! :rofl:

I had said

You could verify that your display settings (brightness, contrast, gamma) are neutral. What you are seeing is much darker and lower contrast that what I see here.

Why not put the switch here in the public forum? :rofl:

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YES! YES! Free friday cake for Steve! :star_struck:

Yes! We understand the value of things around here!

Could you please post a snippet of your tempo editor resolution?.

I use a custom color for Editor page
Not dark nor bright


Well, that’s the problem if you ask me! :grin:

I know :slight_smile:

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I meant screen resolution and I thought screen resolution meant the clarity of an image on a screen, my bad.
But anyway, could you please post an image of what your tempo editor looks like with a couple of nodes like I did.
I still don’t see why the tempo line can’t be high viz orange.

It’s still quite hard to see. Why Steinberg don’t make things more defined is a mystery. Maybe their going for cool over practical.