We need an app to remotely control VST Live

Is there anything in the pipeline for a remote control app for VST Live? We ned to be able to start & stop songs & add songs to the setlist on the fly

You mean add songs via remote? Not yet but in the making (transport too).

Yes. Avid have created a free remote app which pretty much mirrors Cubase & is perfect for my live shows, now Cubase IC-Pro has dissapeared off the App Store. Although I’ve bought VST Live Pro & will be migrating to it from Cubase for my live shows eventually, there’s still way too much needs upgrading & improving in VST Live before I’ll be confident enough to do so.

Being able to control it’s features with an IOS app is definitely high on the urgent features list. It’s software for live performance, this feature is imperative.


While we are working on this, usually there is some sort of a musical director or operator to control the show, and not every musician can control everything, right? Who starts the Song, the drummer or the guitar player, and what if both start and stop at the same time?
Don’t get me wrong, we are implementing all of this, the question is how to do it best and prevent accidents, and restrict control etc. Suggestions how to easily (!) manage this are welcome :slight_smile:

Yes that’s a difficult one. I’m a solo performer, so that’s the perspective I was approaching the challenge from. But I totally understand where confusion could set in with multiple users. My assumption would be that a band would already determine beforehand who would be controlling the transport controls etc. Adding songs on the fly could quite easily be done from the laptop, I agree. Its just that in respect of song requests, the ability to stop play at a certain point & import them via the app would look a lot more professional than walking off stage to load an extra song or two.

I’m also thinking that in terms of chatting to the audience in between songs, the ability to stop & start play via the app would make this really easy.

Do you not think multiple-user common sense over transport controls would prevail here?


I don’t get this. Where would you want to load those songs from? And why would you have to walk off stage?
In VST Live, you can save and load all objects (Songs, Parts, Layers, Stacks…) individually if that’s what you mean?

I guess it’s more complex. There is demand for mixer remote control to set your personal monitor mix for instance. But what if I accidently mute the main output? Same for transport control. Ideally, there would be some means to control access rights or the like for each module. Sure, you can say “everybody knows the right thing to do”, but I doubt that very professional acts would accept that :slight_smile: So the question is how to acheive this in the most user-friendly and simple way.

I agree with the OP - a “conductor” mode would be very useful in a band situation.

Given that tablets are allowed to connect remotely surely VstLive must know their MAC addresses. Possibly you could allow one, or more, MAC ‘s to have an “administrator” access that lets them do more than just view the output.

Of course you may want to add a login procedure that then determines what each user can change.

You could just use VLC. Works for me. RDP won’t work because the audio ceases when RDP disconnects (been there, tried that…). TeamViewer needs an internet connection so not feasible.

Ah, apologies. I meant the app would be a control surface that mirrors the actual software. So you’re just telling the software what to do in the case of adding new songs to the set list. The same would apply with transport controls.

With regard to multiple users, I’m assuming the ability to create administrator permissions for control of main functions would work & just allow each user to control their own cue mix?

A definite +1 on multi-layer views to allow both lyrics AND chords to be displayed at the same time too.

But how would the app know?

I’m sure this aspect could just be done within the software mixer itself though, with output routing done through the audio interface. So all that would be needed would once again be a control surface that simply mirrors the software, with the ability to control the mixer faders/send levels with the app. Each performer would just connect their monitor/headphones amp to whichever output of the audio interface they needed & then use the app to mix levels accordingly within the software.

At present I’m using Avid Control, a free app, to control Cubase as my live application. Cubase IC Pro seems to have disappeared off the App Store. That’s pretty much what I was thinking of in terms of a control surface for VST Live… the app merely being a mirror of the software itself.

Hope that helps.

Mixer remote module is in the making, thanks.

Typeo - I meant VNC remote control, not VLC