We need to be able to import multiple aspects of other projects and have them applied

An import dialogue for importing multiple aspects of other projects into our current project would be great. Like the track import dialogue but for everything else. And have those aspects applied. Things that could be imported and applied include:

  • Visibility Configurations in the Mix Console,
  • Profile
  • Track inserts
  • Window layout in the project and mixer view
  • Colours
  • Expression Maps
  • Control Room

Control room settings aren’t depended on project, it’s more general thing.

Just wondering why template isn’t enough?
You can import all tracks from projects into your template and retain above you mentioned. Can you describe scenario based on your request?

I have several templates(mixing, mastering, songwriting) where i have all necessary things already set, and never have struggle with it.

Yeah, having templates should work. But in the real world we are e.g. adding new libraries and their associated Expression Maps, updating colours, adding new visibility configurations to accommodate our new libraries, or just developing better workflow. The problem arises when we open an older project that doesn’t have these new modifications but does have unique settings for that project e.g. mixer settings, inserts etc… This would give us a quick way to bring older projects up to date.

And regarding the Control Room, if I buy a new plugin that I am now inserting into a particular monitor in the Control Room inside my template, if I am working on an older project I need to either reload my Control room preset or manually add that plugin into the appropriate monitor slot. All these things could all be done quickly and easily in the dialogue like the Track Import dialogue.

File/Import tracks from projects works excellent for that matter. Recently I revisiting some projects from 2015. New project/Template/Import track from 2015 project all works fine.

This is not how control room works. It doesn’t have anything with projects opened nor templates. You can just open Cubase (without opening or making new project from template etc) and go to studio/control room from top menu. And you will see that all settings you set are already there (plugins on monitor control etc etc) So if you want to have different settings for control room Its best to make some kind of presets. If you have bunch of plugins in control room I would suggest you to take Bluecat Patchwork and load whole chain of plugins from there and make presets in Patchwork itself. Cause All control room settings are not depended on projects/templates.

I am not working with expression maps so I am not 100% sure on that department. But if you cannot load them in somekind of preset or whatsoever. The best bet is to update template on regular basis.

Visibility configuration you can pretty much make it global to work with new libs etc in combination with Project Logical Editor and macros. Depending on details of your workflow and particular things how you want to manage them. Its better to make topic and ask precisely where you struggling the most.

This is my honest opinion from 20 years of using cubase is that all the things you mentioned in first post I can guarantee you that steinberg wont implement it in future nor anywhere near you imagine it. :slight_smile:

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Importing tracks is just track data. It has nothing to do with FX or routing, strip settings, Expression Maps, visual layout, colours, notes etc.
You seem to be suggesting that it is easier to turn your shiny new template into your old song.
I am saying it would be far easier to turn your old song into your shiny new template.

And with this new Import Aspect dialogue we could even set up favourites. So next time we load an old song with out of date umm…everything, we could open the dialogue, click favourite no.1 and it’s

Completely agree with you that’s no doubt will be much easier to do it in click and very welcomed.

But i remember how much time we need to get from quad channel to proper sidechain config (long ago key sidechain you could do only via quad channels :joy:)

Or sample track…
Or changing order of fx inserts…
Or instrument channels…

Implementing something like I have outlined would, I’m sure, be well received by the Cubase community. Steinberg should concentrate their wizardry on workflow enhancements like I have outlined and less on plugins that are readily available at Wave+Audio.com. Or I will still be using Cubase Pro 10.5 in 2033.