We need to have a favorites / preset save function

I’m sure this has been mentioned a bunch of times, but we need a favorites / preset save function so I can build auv3 and effect chains. I have so many plug ins, it would be nice to have a favorites section so I can recall useful tools quickly. I often find my self starting from scratch every single time, where as it would be nice with a click or two to recall a great instrument or fx chain I built in the past.

Like on the top menu where you can select between audio units and cubasis sounds, have a sub section that is just favorites. Like a star system or category system, similar to how Ableton does it.

Is this feature in the works? It would be awesome.

Also the ability to select between an audio interface and internal audio would be awesome… But I understand that is probably more on the apple layer than the cubasis layer.

Anyway, this is the best daw for iOS, and to add this feature would really send it over the top as a mobile production powerhouse.


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