We should be able to 'Undo' and 'Redo' more things

I kind of get how actions in cubase are divided as to which are registered in the undo history and which are not,
But I think way more actions should register.

Many times I will accidentally adjust track volume while trying to scroll down. then I can’t undo. and unless it’s one of those tracks that are always on 0. I’ll have to recheck the mix and adjust accordingly.
Same for accidently or not removing / replacing and insert, setting direct output, etc.

And referring to another suggestion I posted about quantize ends issue -

quantize ends which end up quantized to the start of the note (a bug basically, which make them almost disapear) you can’t undo that specific quantize action either for some reason!

Why can’t all of these actions register?


Have you checked the Mixconsole undo history? At the least, removing/replacing inserts should be there.