We want the buttons back!


After trying to go on with a 300 track project in N6 I finally decided to stay in N5.5.

As I and others wrote in zillion threads - the application and the features are great, the design is made by iPad kiddies - for iPad kiddis - not by Pros for Pros. It does not look bad though - but it is not user friendly.

Mainly I think that there is need to bring back all the buttons.

  • Plugin on/of Switch
  • Bypass button
  • pre/post button (send fx)


I do not need to zoom in/out in the mixer, who needs 2 inch wide faders?

Instead of that I need to read all the values for example input gain and track names, without moving the mouse over, zooming or clicking somewhere. Just all infos with one view.

add my vote. :wink:


And of course:


N6, … the moment they come to senses …
N5 for the time being or till I change …

Big K

Bredo, I agree on all of your points!

As I said - performance & stability is great - I am most sure that the latest version is capable for serious heavy duty sessions. It is just not easy to work with the mixing desk - which is the heart of the software when you mix.

The “old” mixer gave much more valuable info at a glance, without being disturbing.

You’re very right. Thats why I turned back to N5.5.6.

I do not mean that the new mixing desk has to be changed back completely. They will never do it cause it is the advertising object number one. And on all those pictures it looks great! Beside some smaller things it even looks great on my DAW… I attached a pic…

But I am sure it is possible to make enhancements which will turn that beast to something you can use after you get used to it.

Maybe it would have been better to first try out the Demo or/and try out only Cubase… Instead of that I updated Nuendo/Nek as well. Now that update sits on the shelf. But well - it was like it was with Nuendo 5. Nuendo 5 never did it for me - but with N5.5 I finally have a version which is LOVE. So it is no problem to stay there, maybe one day N6 will be usable - till then Steinberg should use my money not for putting out iPad apps - they should put out N6.1 or something while ACTUALLY LISTENING TO WHAT THE USERS SAY…

I think the hardcore-users comments, wishes, needs and input together with what Steinberg can do can make a great software… Everytime when Steinberg does it for their own it will be something which is great in theory but not usable in real life…

+1 on the buttons.
I think the extra clicking and removal of buttons is the result of designing the mixer around Nuage.
If we want our buttons back, we gotta buy a Nuage. (Hah, not this year!)

I have got comfortable with the new mixer and thankfully I have Artist Control which makes navigating and using the mixer much easier than with mouse, again it makes me think with a Nuage it would be just great.

Having all the info visible on the mixer at a glance like in N5.5 should be a priority in any further revisions of the mixer IMHO.

Count me in! :wink:

So where can I download that thing called Nuage?

Here !


Well, so I am downloading the 64bit version from the dl page atm - I will tell if Nuendo feels better then :slight_smile:

Maybe they should release a Nuage Edition of Nuendo while the regular Version is made for 99% of the user.

AFAIK Cubase misses those buttons as well - and tell me one Cubase user who downloaded a Nuage…

I watched a tuturial video today from the thread regarding the font-size/track names in the mixer - well, it an average Cubase user does only use Cubase for some 20 Tracks Electro/Homerecording/Hobby stuff then there will not be any showstoppers in the workflow…

This is all very disappointing. I was so encouraged when we were asked for feedback on the new channel EQ and it seemed to be taken into account. Who on earth would ever say “All these buttons and indicators are cluttering up the mixing desk. Get rid of them”?


or the Nuage developer that says “take it out of the software because we have a hardware button for that.”
And of course the rest of us get to go mouse click crazy.

Maybe they should release a Nuage Edition of Nuendo while the regular Version is made for 99% of the user.

I brought this up in another thread about a week ago. Seems like a juggling act of sorts.
They get it working with Nuage and then we tell them to change things since we don’t have Nuage and can’t see or use the benefits. Back and forth it goes… Two versions of Nuendo isn’t practical, but it sure seems like many of these issues are directly related to implementing Nuage.

What will become of us non Nuagers? I don’t have the budget for a $10-$12k basic controller/audio interface.

Change is coming…but what change?

Users changing to another Daw, or Steinberg changing their software integration with Nuage?

I’ve been using Nu 6.05 with clients for a few weeks now. No show stoppers here, just feels like I’m
blind folded part of the time.

Count me in.


Everyone is affected. Everyone’s workflow is reduced to the point it feels akin to running at the bottom of the ocean.


I can only agree to all said above.
But, as I wrote earlier on, I think it should be possible to have two GUI versions of Nuendo.
AND it would be the smartest solution, too.
Nuage is a great piece of harware and if it needs this faux pas of N6’s current layout
it should get it, but not by annoying the majority of users…

Big K


Buttons back +1

One more vote here for having the steinberg designers reconsider some aspects (as per the previous comments) of the new design. I trust that in the end a good golden compromise can be made. :slight_smile: