We want to have an update on AXR4T - dspMixFx 1.5

Really, then please point me in the directions for information of how to get full functionality of the AXR4 without software licenses on a dongle, or a understandable explanation of how to integrate AXR4 with cubase control room without sacrificing outputs to do so, in respect to the headphone outputs. And without the dongle with extension software license the DSP does not show up on my Cubase inputs. Would be very happy to hear of a solution to this…,
and when is this long promised firmware and software coming…

I might be misinformed, and I don’t have the unit to try it out on my own. But I have a UR-C device, and I presumed they work on the same principal – the built-in dsp FX are accessible via dspMixFX, which does not require a license, and the VST versions of those fx that reside on the computer do require a license.

I don’t know what location you’re in to know whether you get support direct from Steinberg, but I’d want to ask if you have run those specific questions by them.

You don’t need the license to use the onboard FX’s Murray. If you want to use the FX within Cubase then yes you need the dongle in.

With regards to the control room - the stereo outs can be routed to dummy outs and don’t need to actual outputs.

I cannot believe dongles are even a thing anymore. The music industry in general is so behind tech wise. Why punish the end user with such crude implementations of piracy protections? Users are better off pirating software that just works. It makes no logical sense. Look at Cherry Audio. Their system works, and their pricing is very fair.

As the support team, you should always feel the frustration before your customers do. This is what makes a good company with good support.

Replying with “of course we are completely aware” is not an appropriate reply from a support team member. If I was your boss, you would not have a job. No software updates for almost a year on your top product???..come on Steinberg !! …Stop the lousy excuses and the arrogant tone and deliver.


Same experience here. This is beyond disappointing!!!

“If I was your boss, you would not have a job” …for god’s sake man, get a hold of yourself! I’ve been a user of the AXR4 since launch and it’s mostly been superb. It seems the people on here complaining are using the AXR4’s and dspMixFx’s few shortcomings to procrastinate making music. Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting on with our lives and making a living with an interface that I could have only dreamed about 10 years ago! May I suggest you direct your above passion in a more productive direction, for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks @Stefan_Schreiber and Steinberg for making a fantastic interface! Is it perfect? No. I can’t think of one interface that has been in the 25 years I’ve been making music. Do I believe you’ll improve dspMixFx as soon as you resonably can? Yes. Will I get on with my life in the meantime and not insult the members of your staff like I’m an immature, spoilt teenager? Most definitely!


One quick Google turns up multiple cracks of Cherry Audio’s software, and I’ve never met a professional who doesn’t appreciate the usefulness of an iLok/eLicenser system.

Did you really just try to validate an opinion based on the results of a search? Feel free to go download those cracks and let us know how good your virus protection is.

Yes I did. And it proved my point perfectly… which is that Cherry Audio’s software has been cracked. Anyway, back to work.

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I just googled and found out the world is flat. Weird how that works.

You are headed for stardom…you’re the man !!!

You should frame your reply and show your clients/mates.

Just found this thread. Here we are, a full year passed. Lets hope that this is the one that brings our £2K investment in line with a bottom of the range £100 device


It’s actually been about 2 years and still no update. @Ed_Doll is there any news you can please share with us for us AXR users for 2022?

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@cuttlefish: Thanks for your words! I am grateful for that interface, it is the best sounding interface I’ve ever had! What’s left on my wishlist regarding an upgrade of the build in pre amps and compressors? Just two pieces of hardware: SPL CRESCENDO & SPL IRON…:wink: ok, wishful thinking. I stay with my AXR4…

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John, thanks for the feedback. Which RME are you getting please? Thinking about doing the same, this is beyond dissapointing!

Please, please, please… Why are we still begging for an update more than a year after it was first flagged? It’s been over 2 years since the product’s release (3 years for the AXR4T). Surely that should have been enough time to sort through issues.

Having to wait this long for what many would consider just basic functionality is not cool (especially on such an expensive flagship device).

Having to beg for driver updates and features that are oddly already present on your lowest tier products is even worse (eg. apart from the DspMixFx 1.5 update, the DspMixFX remote bridge).

Loopback only works in a limited capacity (eg. Cubase into OBS), but not in some very common use cases (eg. Youtube into Cubase).

Advising customers to use ASIO4ALL because the actual AXR4 drivers don’t work for loopback is laughable. That’s a feature that some would have assumed to be functional on a device in this price bracket - and it was certainly marketed as having such functionality.

FYI Loopback was a breeze on my 10 year old interface. Why am I feeling like it would be easier to revert to using it because of the lack of basic functionality on this flagship device?

It’s no wonder that so many of us feel ripped off. We paid big $ for it and are finding that in many ways it would have been better to stick with our old interfaces for the sake of creativity.

The hardware is good (some might even say it’s great), but what use is that if the overall experience is one of frustration and of having to employ workarounds to make simple things work. Creativity happens when there are less barriers to overcome, not more.

You have the opportunity to turn it around. Please for the sake of all of us, make this a priority - fix the issues and make the AXR4 what it should have been from the start - truly excellent.

Audio Xcellence Redefined - at the moment all you’re doing is redefining our expectations for what flagship actually means when it comes to the hardware your company releases.


There was a youtube video about 10 months ago when Chris Selim hinted that he was testing something new that was to be released “soon”. Still waiting…

I followed this up with Chris a month ago, but have heard nothing. The specific section is near the end 13:45.

I’m 100% with you on this!!! Such a shame!

I’m a bit worried if your statement that AXR4 isn’t being dropped is still valid.
If I look online, I cannot find the AXR4U being available - what’s up? Do you still care about your top notch interface?