We want to have an update on AXR4T - dspMixFx 1.5

It’s still there, scroll to the bottom

This is not what I mean - if you try to buy the AXR4U at Steinberg it is not available at the moment and other online shops like Thomann say the same. So there is either a material shortage or they don’t care anymore to keep the device available…

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Ah ok. Sorry. There are shortages of many electronic components and devices lately. Let’s hope it’s this.

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Yeah. Hope is all we can rely on as long as there is no information…

I cannot agree more with you, well said!

I wonder if the sales on the unit were so low, that any more time spent on it is a loss.

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Hi Ed, perhaps an update would be great? How close are we to the end of the tunnel?


Great question!

Just get to loopback function to work… I cant record a softsynth inside Cubase 11 or from Windows unless I got out of the box through line 1-2 and in 3-4 or 5-6… WTF ?

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Welcome to the club man :\

Doesn’t look like Steinberg cares about it’s end users that pays top dollar, after we’ve been begging for a simple update for more than 2 years now!!! This reminds me a lot of Avid’s attitude that is loosing so many customers cause of that.

I’ve been routing my 3-4 outputs to my patchbay and recording it back in. This is ridiculous!!!

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Well you got no answer, what a surprise, what good does it do anyone that the potential is there but no solutions are forthcoming, no information is forthcoming.
Considering that Cubase is one hell of a great and convoluted software but they cannot solve simple routing problems for their flagship model, no problem with upgrades, updates firmware improvements for the budget models, very good and and very appreciated improvements.
And this got me thinking, maybe the whole problem lies with maybe the situation is out of their hands, maybe the problem is in Japan and the lack of support is because it says Steinberg on the machine and not Yamaha, this would explain the laughable integration with Cubase pro and the convoluted software routing for things like headphones and outputs, why can’t you simply route Studio headphone output to headphone 1, headphone cue mix 1 to headphone 2 output, why does AXR4 disappear from the inspector unless it’s routed directly to stereo out, why is there no input channel monitor level in the inspector, still haven’t worked out the the (il)logical headphone routing of the AXR4 in the inspector extension, why is the reverb there at one point then when you pause and do a second run it disappears, why doesn’t loopback loopback, why can’t Run Cubase when the AXR4 GUI is open on the same monitor, why do project settings sometimes change the AXR4 Settings, and sometimes not, sometimes brings back routing but not input gain, the most important setting when coming back to do vocals for example the next day, but most of all why are all these problems known and nothing happens to fix these bugs, why can’t I just route to headphone outputs without losing physical outputs on the machine, basically because you must route the stereo bus somewhere other than the control room outputs and then headphone then when running at 48 KHz this costs 6 outputs, 96 KHz then it costs double if you are using the adat outs as dummy routing for stereo and headphones 1 & 2, have the people who designed the software for the AXR4 ever seen Cubase or Nuendo? Or have I been missing something here and the logic behind it all is too clever for me, strange, all my RME machines do what they say they are doing, and that flawlessly for nearly 20 years with what seems to me to be biannual soft and firmware updates that just work and keep on working.
Yup, the more I think about it the only explanation I find is the Yamaha angle, we’re all supposed to give up on the AXR4 and upscale to Yamaha RIO‘s and the Yamaha Nuage control surfaces, this is the only reasonable explanation I can think of, because if Steinberg can’t get a simple routing software for their hardware how could they come up with the last, quite brilliant and staggering in my opinion, Cubase upgrade, maybe Steinberg should get one of their Cubase programmers to take an hour to see where the shortcomings are with routing and integration, and maybe see if they could get the RME driver developers to do some moonlighting and get the AXR4 to run and be as stable and dependable as what so a flagship interface should have.
And by the way, trying to say that software routing bug fixing is not possible because your converter supplier‘s factory burnt down is really saying that you all think we’re so stupid that we’ll accept that as a perfectly good reason for three years of no updates, strange that the fabrication plant didn’t burn down that long ago and updates and upgrades for all the other interfaces have been coming out very regularly….
Could someone please stop insulting our intelligence and treating us disgustingly and just say it how it is, if it is not in Steinbergs hands and it all comes down to Yamaha then you don’t have to blatantly blame them directly, just say it’s not in your hands and we’ll work out the rest on our own.
Or just refund all those who are not happy and we’ll go and buy some real German Engineering……
Sorry for going on so long, got a bit of an insomnia issue at the moment, so time to overthink and write very probably way to much……


I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for that.
I could have just added that with Cubase running native on Apple M1 now I’m not able to run it natively just because the dspMixFX are just Intel based so I can’t run the plug-ins in Cubase. What a shame. With third-party developers I could have understood that, but not from two companies belonging to the same group of brands pretending to offer a promised/advertised “smooth and integrated” experience.
So I’m just about to send my AXR4T back to the seller because I have the “30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee” still going and I’m going to buy an Apollo X8 then… but what a disappointment!
And no-one at Steinberg or Yamaha won’t probably ever read you or me so they don’t even care anymore : so I’ll just give up on Cubase and Steinberg/Yamaha flagship interface and will take the UAD/Logic Pro route because I just have to prioritize efficiency and reliability instead of expected functionalities that will never come, even if I consider Cubase to be the best all-around DAW and the AXR4T the best sounding interface I ever had. Shame shame shame.
@Stefan_Schreiber @Ed_Doll : with no clear answer to the already reported issues mentioned here and there today (2022.04.15) — and transparent scheduled plan to solve them soon, I’ll just give up on Steinberg/Yamaha for good next Monday (sending back the AXR4T to the distributor), sorry.
PS. Please pardon my bad English, I’m French.


100% with you on this!!!

There is definitely something going on behind the scenes between Yamaha Japan and Steinberg. I am in Japan now, and very recently, I heard that a bunch of AXR4 units had been sold to music stores in Japan at a very low price (I saw one listed for 160,000 yen - about 1,250 dollars) from Yamaha Japan, and one of the music store workers said it was a one time offer from Yamaha and he is not sure why it was so cheap when I asked him. If the music stores are selling it for 160,000 yen, and they need to turn a profit, it’s very likely that they are getting it for much less than that from Yamaha Japan.
Whatever it is, I hope they get their **** together, because I am really disappointed in the product support from Steinberg. The least they could do, if they continue to insist on not supporting this product properly, is to just release all of the source code for the drivers, so competent programmers can make decent software and firmware that allows the high-quality sound of the device to be used to its full potential. I mean I’m not a professional software engineer, but I would consider myself a pretty decent programmer and I would love to try and make something better than what Steinberg made (a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of employees). And even if I cant, I know people who definitely can. Because right now, it’s been literal years since this product has seen any updates, and the software was already bad when it was first released which doesn’t make this situation any better.

When I first got the interface, I wanted to ask Steinberg to add the functionality of multiple loopback channels, so I can send different output signals to different software on my computer (I do broadcasting and this would be very helpful for my setup), and maybe even have multiple PC inputs, so I could for example route my music through one channel and the rest of my audio through the other, then when I broadcast, I can only send the output that doesn’t include my music, so I do not get copyright claimed for the music.
But now, seeing that they haven’t updated anything for years, and regular loopback isn’t even working for some people, all of my hope that they will add anything I suggest is lost. And the fact that they suggested ASIO4ALL as a solution to their software not working is absolutely hilarious and also extremley disappointing at the same time.
I really hope something is done about this situation soon.

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Hi @xtradark , thanks for the information.
@Ed_Doll stated that there are updates in development (scroll up until Nov. '21). I take his word for granted and it would be really great if he could give us a status update…

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Dear AXR users,

Please let me give a few updates about the latest status for the AXR4.

First I would like to give a statement regarding the availability of the AXR4:

As you are all aware of, our industry has also been affected by the current supply shortages of chips and converters.

These shortages impact the production process of our AXR4 audio interfaces, now leading to the limited availability in some regions. We are working on a solution and hope to produce in sufficient numbers soon again.

Please also note that we are currently working on a major update for the AXR4 which we plan to release during May, 2022.

Let me express our regret that things have been taking longer than expected and rest assured that we are working on improving the situation for you.

Best regards,

Stefan Schreiber


This is great news. Can you give any details as to what this might contain?

Great news indeed!! Hoping that the update will cover most of the things that we’ve been asking for over the past few years. Besides a refresh of the GUI -

  • control room routing fixes
  • full loopback functionality
  • remote control of the device over wifi (including silk parameters) through a DSPMixFX remote bridge (like on the UR-C series)

New software is available. Nobody from Steinberg could even be bothered to post the news to this thread.

Don’t get excited. It’s the most dissapointing upgrade I’ve ever seen. And the Firmware doesn’t seem to be available to download yet (the tools are). So I don’t think we can even install it yet

So, do we have to install the tools and then upgrade the firmware from the dspMixFX? The only encouraging thing about this release is that if they’re adding firmware upgrade functionality into dspMixFx, they must be planning more updates

Steinberg dspMixFx AXR

  • Features a firmware update function.
  • You can now change the display area of the output channel.
  • You can now set the mix bus to change the level with the multifunction knob on the main unit.

Now, do I dare install the tools and risk crippling my interface until the 2.0 firmware download shows up?