Weak output signal from UR824 won't trigger compressor?

I use Cubase 11 with the UR824.

I began experimenting with outputting recorded audio into an external compressor by using “sends” of the audio from Cubase to the “Mix 2 L/R” outputs of the UR824. The compressor does see the signal, and spits it back on two channels and I can hear them.

However, I cannot get the compressor to “bite” on the signal - even if I crank the input gain to max - this would seem to be an instance of the UR824 output not being strong enough. A regular line-level signal from an external mic pre has no trouble triggering the compressor.

The UR824 manual says each of these audio outs is TRS balanced - and I would assume that means it should be strong enough to trigger a compressor…

Am I missing something?


What is your send level?
Which compressor?

Did you checked the dspMixFx settings?

Compressor is a Black Lion Audio B172A. I have played with the send level and maxxed it out with no result. the dspMixFx settings are unavailable when I use CUbase as Cubase takes control over the UR824’s settings.