Web Browser help page opening behind SL processing dialog


Have updated to SL Pro 10 from Elements in recent ‘preview sale’.

First use running it inside Cubase Pro 12 as ARA extension.

  1. Click on any ‘unmix’ process (I chose ‘song’) to launch the Mini process dialog window that pops open.
  2. Without doing anything else, I click the ‘?’ Help button at top right, which launches my web browser (MS Edge) to load the relevant help page.
  3. However, the Mini process dialog window remains at ‘front’. The browser window opens ‘behind’. The help text content is masked by the mini process dialog. There’s no way of ‘Tabbing’ away from this annoyance. Clicking on the mini dialog simply brings back the full Cubase/SL app to the focus, with the mini process dialog still open in front.

Didn’t have the issue with Elements (v10.0.10 or 20 - not sure; wasn’t latest 10.0.30).
Rebooting computer/relaunching app (cubase) doesn’t change anything.
System specs in profile (click my user picture avatar).

Is this a known issue.? Is there a setting I’ve missed.?

Thanks for any clues.!

Hi, yes this is a known issue, due to a workaround introduced in 10.0.20 to prevent ARA dialog windows to be hidden under Cubase when Cubase UI was clicked. Hopefully a better solution will be found for 10.0.40…

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Ok - understood.

Thanks for quick response @Robin_Lobel