Weblab recording and sound

I use Weblab Cast. I can’t hear what I record. I can’t record as I want to play my video to record a voice-over (Voix Off). They ask the VST. I can’t do anything. But I trust the quality of this software. Please HELP ! I’m completely frustrated. Thank you for your help. JérôM.


  1. Do mean you can’t hear as you record? Do you get a recorded waveform anyway?
  2. Would you please describe your recording chain in detail, including the audio interface?

Hi Poinzy,

Thank you very much for your response and your questions.

1- No I cannot hear as I record but I get a recorded waveform.

My recording chain on WaveLab Cast is composed of :
- Trake 1 for the video in MP4.

- Trake HOST is for the audio of the video.
- Trake GUEST is the trake for the voice-over (voix-off) I would like to record.

The audio interface is the one of WaveLab. (But can you precise what you mean exactely by audio interface ?)

  • Does it have to do with my « carte son » in french which is in my computer ?
  • My computer is a Mac OS, on Mojave - 10.14.6

Otherwise for the recording of my voice, I use a USB microphone (Marantz).

So far, it seems to me that the problem is in the connecting audio:
I have this message "the audio connecting are not valid. Check the box Connecting Audio »

1°- the VST « thing »
2°- the bus
3°- the channels configuration of the loud-speakers (mono or stereo ??) and the “Port de périphérique” (in french).
4°- The Input Audio Ports and the Output Audio Ports.

If you can help me Poinzy, I would be very grateful.
I work on a very important project I am going to present on a crowdfunding platform to finance my Podcast channel.
That is why I bought this great software of Steinberg. I think it is a very good material.

Thank you,

Have you the chance to not use a USB microphone?

I can use the micro of the Mac but the quality is not the same than the USB.
And if I remember using the mic of the Mac the problem remains the same.
Why do you think that the problem could come from the USB microphone ?

Thank you,

While recording? Did you check the Monitor button?

Hi marien, can you try if it it helps if you enable the option “direct monitoring” on the monitor button within the track?