Wedding Schmedding- Happy Birthday Split

And many happy returns. Have one for me.


Happy Birthday, Split :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, one more year then I’m officially old… How did that happen :astonished:

You just didnh’t die, that’s all. Come to think of it, it’s pretty freaking awesome! :sunglasses:

Have a good one! :smiley:

Here’s to the next forty-nine! :sunglasses:

:smiling_imp: What? You calling me old??? :laughing:

Have a good one mate! :smiley:


Cheers mate. Many happy returns.

Happy Birthday, Split! :smiley:

have a good un split!!!

Thanks again all, about to open my birthday bottle of Malt :smiley:

Malt? It’ll make you feel strange - but you won’t care! :laughing:

Happy Birthday, Split!! :mrgreen:

Congrats, have a good one!