Wednesday 20th livestream announcement!

This dropped in in my timeline as a complete surprise! I’m very thrilled.
What do you expect about this announcement?

By the looks of the image they’ve chosen, maybe some form of integration with Cubase? Also mayyybbbeee some fixes after Tantacrul’s video? Either way I’m pumped

Good eye with the Cubase integration!

I think Tantacruls video is too close to have made significant changes as a response to that - nobody even knows, if the development team actually agrees to some extent.

I recall Daniel having said that Cubase integration was not going to make it for the next version of Dorico, so I doubt it (although I wish it was…). I also doubt that Tantacrul’s suggestions will make it so soon and qualify as a big announcement.

I’m hoping for the inclusion of Patagonian Nose-flute instruments (in different hole-fingerings); upside-down staves for Contemporary Music; and a Zoom VST that links to the actual BBC Symphony Orchestra in their homes.

I think benwiggy’s demands are perfectly reasonable and have been expressed by the community for years!

Don’t forget the ability to embed animated GIFs which can be printed in Harry Potter-fashion. Oh and I’m also still waiting for quarter-comma meantone theremin tablature.

How about a neural link plugin which enables Dorico to notate the pitch you’re thinking? You’ll still have to select the note value first, either with the keyboard or mouse. Dorico’s being able to sense the note value as well will have to wait until version 5.

This is why you don’t let users decide the features.

No, but you can submit requests. Have you submitted one about the Patagonian Nose-flute fingerings?


I would add that a proper nose-flute TAB is very needed

Nose-flute in Bb or D? Makes a big difference.

:laughing: there’s going to be many users in this forum that are going to short-circuit their brains about this!

I guess next is built-in neumatic non-mensural notation, with OCR as well and musicological advice.

What I love about the Dorico forum, as opposed to the Cubase forum - the gravitas and earnest seriousness of the members.

this is music notation at last - the last bastion of seriousness and conservation of traditions! Why else would we like scores the most, which look like 19th century prints?

me too! :laughing:

In all seriousness though, like you all I was thrilled to see the youtube popup this morning!

A disturbing anecdote from many years ago: for a concert I was playing, the programme needed to be, for some reason, announced by a very unhappy-looking person from the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation. It’s hard to believe, but this person actually worked for ‘The Department of Serious Music’. I was so infuriated by this idea that ‘classical’ was synonymous with ‘serious’ that I spontaneously inserted a piece into the programme (I was playing harpsichord) which had been written in the mid to late 1750s but was so the opposite of ‘serious’ (it sounded more like a precursor to boogie-woogie) that it made the whole situation feel ludicrous.

The MIDI keyboard would still be quicker for chords though! :laughing:

You mean you don’t think in chords?!