Wednesday Dorico Announcements

I won’t be able to watch the upcoming YouTube announcements. I presume they’re to describe a new Dorico Pro version. Will this info be available to us who can’t watch Wednesday’s YouTube? Will other announcements be made available?


You’ll be able to watch it after the Live session. I’m sure they won’t keep quiet about it!

Sorry, but I believe your presumptions @normberk will be wrong. I don’t think this will be about any new Dorico Pro version. That will be coming later in the year. Daniel has said in a previous blog post, they would be introducing something new and exciting ahead of that…

FWIW - My guess is, the announcement Wednesday will see the launch of a new reader/viewer app for Dorico on an iPad. Again, pure speculation on my part.! Exciting times…!!

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I suspect the same. Something tablet related. (Although I certainly would be happy to be wrong.)

Why an iPad app specifically? Could be wrong but my thinking …

  • Architecturally I don’t see any kind of Dorico port. Complex creation apps do poorly on the iPad, and with the architectural things they’re dealing with already I can’t imagine they’d take that on, especially since it has little benefit I think. Laptops these days are small and light if you want.

  • A from scratch reader makes more sense, but again what’s the value proposition? Rendering to PDF makes the iPad already a reader! Plenty of musicians use it that way already, especially accompanists with a heavy workload.

  • Other? I don’t see the value proposition in an iPad personally, but won’t complain if it happens.

Project does seem to imply something outside of the Dorico code base however (a new app, plugin, or collaboration) so something along those lines I’m sure.

Ack, I hate waiting for announcements, I wish folks would warn us the day before. The Dorico team must be enjoying this thread, hi guys! :slight_smile:

OK here’s something which is a iPad app, which side loads to the Mac version, allowing note entry, perhaps using the Apple pencil? That would be cute and … well actually useful. I’d kiss it if they had it support the PC too (entirely possible with their own JSON comms over a port), but maybe they’d use the built in Apple facilities. Monterey (not released yet) has some more capabilities for this.

So yeah a second screen (marginally useful), but it would be awfully nice to have a pencil interface to streamline note entry - I still (as many of us do) use pencil and paper. Could we imagine a deep learning recognition engine to interpret your scribbles? Probably too ambitious … I’ll take it as an alternate control and entry surface. Pencil or finger click a note type, then write it in somehow.

I could see a reader app, or something like what studio one has which is an extended interface which brings onscreen controls to the iPad saving you using a mouse. It naturally flows out of the main screen wirelessly to the iPad via wifi. Partly why I’m curious here is twofold: 1-Daniel said something “else” which seems to indicate not D4 2-Sibelius clearly intends to do something tablet-y (keeping up with the joneses?)

It will be a new notation program. While everybody is trying to compete against each other, Steinberg will floor all of them by competing with themselves!



Your lips to God’s ears!

I suspect something tablet-related too, especially since they appear to be trying to beat Avid to the punch by announcing a day before. It is a lot easier with the new architecture to port applications over to the iPad and iPhone.

My guess is a free upgrade to 3.6 with some great new features. Maybe the start of the new license system?

If it were the new license system, chances are it would be spread for all Steinberg products. We’re talking about a piece of specific Dorico news here :wink:


I know that they announced a new big direction for this year back in January already, but I am still betting on dorico 4.
I remember Daniel saying, that after the 3.5 Release they want to get back to their initial schedule, which was described to release major versions in the summer, so schools, operas, concert halls and engravers don’t need to upgrade during the season but in between.
Looking at my calendar that would be right around now.


I hope you are right, that would at least make perfect sense!

I know exactly what´s coming, the long-awaited, fantastic, all in one “Suite CUBASE /Dorico”.
Considering how smart the Steinberg people are, they understood how such a Suite would take the whole music production world to the next level. Who needs the Note Editor if there´s Dorico, and who needs the Dorico Player when there´s Cubase, right? You avoid redundancy and all the endless compatibility issues. All in one at a click, now that´s really addressing the client’s needs.
CONGRATULATIONS for the great idea. I am ready to buy the update!
Please excuse my sarcasm, just can´t avoid it.The amount of hours I lost trying to work with Cubase and Dorico side by side, explains why.


I must admit, Dorico inside Cubase would be pretty neat - and - it would rule the world!

If so, I hope they have the good sense to recognize that the price/performance and richness of choice of Android pads is about 10 times better than anything you can get from Apple. IMHO, at this stage, it is insane for any vendor to be targeting iPads at the exclusion of Android pads. If they do something in this area, let’s hope they have a development platform that can target both with the same codebase.

Actually I guess I don’t really care. If I want to display music on a pad, there are already great options using PDFs. Now, if they are going to do something like Staffpad (where you can do your edits directly on a touchpad), that could be interesting.

There are certainly other trendy things that a marketing person could put in the “New and Exciting !!!” category. Such as some features to allow real time collaboration with other composers, or a yet another publishing ecosystem. My wish would be for better integration with DAWs and/or improved XML support. However, considering there is no similar event scheduled for Cubase, that seems unlikely.

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In my humble opinion, such a monster would be too slow, clumsy and overcomplicated to be even able to move to the battlefield! :slight_smile:


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Maybe Paulo, bit it’s the future…

While I’m following the evolution of digital part distribution, I wonder what a specific reader for the Dorico file format would give us. There are now so many score readers that using the Dorico native format instead of the PDF or XML format seems not so necessary. But I would be curious to hear some more about this.